Doctor of Physical Therapy in Mammoth Lakes and patient forms Medicare and Non-Medicare

For Our Patients

For Our Patients

Patient Intake Forms

For your convenience, please download our patient intake forms here. Fill them out ahead of your appointment and bring them with you to our first meeting.

HIPAA and Non-Discrimination Notices

What To Expect on Your First Visit

Summit Physical Therapy consultations are scheduled for a full hour. On your first visit, bring your downloaded and completed intake forms (available here on the “For Our Patients” page). The hour long appointment will allow sufficient time to comprehensively investigate your particular problem. During the evaluation, we will review your medical history and perform a detailed physical examination. Please wear clothing that will allow a complete examination of the problematic region. At the completion of the evaluation and examination, the findings will be reviewed with the patient highlighting what is contributing to their current problem, what physical therapy can do for their problem, what the patient can do for their problem and how long they can expect it to take for their problem to respond to physical therapy services. Recommendations for follow up physical therapy visits will be made (how many and how long) along with recommendations for the individualized physical therapy treatment. Depending on the time needed to investigate the complexity of the problem, treatment may be initiated at the first visit.


Cash Services
Summit Physical Therapy was founded with the mission of providing cost effective, progressive, evidence-based care for the local community of Mammoth Lakes and our visiting guests. In order to keep the cost of physical therapy services as low as possible and still sustain a viable practice, Summit Physical Therapy offers cash based rehabilitative services for non-Medicare patients. Please contact us for information at 760-709-6161.

Medicare Beneficiaries
Summit Physical Therapy is a Medicare Part B (outpatient services) provider and will submit claims to Medicare.

Private Insurance
Summit Physical Therapy is not contracted with any private insurance companies and is considered an out-of-network (non-contracted) provider.

Medi-Cal Beneficiaries
Summit Physical Therapy does not accept Medi-Cal insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Claims
Summit Physical Therapy does not accept Workers’ Compensation Claims.