Welcome to Summit Physical Therapy in Mammoth Lakes

Welcome to Summit Physical Therapy in Mammoth Lakes

Are you looking for a physical therapist that goes beyond the traditional practices to expedite healing and to get you back in the game? Well look no further. At Summit Physical Therapy we aim to achieve your full recovery through a variety of techniques centered around evidence based physical therapy and through manual therapy. An individualized treatment program will be designed specifically for your injury or condition. Specializing in orthopedic and sports injuries our unique approach will focus on improvements in quality of life. If you are willing to put in the work it takes, the ability to live pain free is absolutely obtainable. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition and a positive mental attitude will help maximize your healthcare outcome. We will figure out the underlying cause of the pain and treat that issue not just the symptoms. We welcome you to come and experience a new way of recovery...The Summit Physical Therapy way.


Our Approach

Our Approach

Summit Physical Therapy offers the most advanced physical therapy programs to visitors and community members that prides themselves on the many sports they love. Using highly advanced technologies like virtual reality and real time ultrasound our approach is very progressive. Just like no two injuries are the same no two physical therapists are the same. The passion I have for your full recovery, the advanced training and education I have separates the way I approach your recovery needs. As a fellowship trained doctor of physical therapy, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an orthopedic clinical specialist our goal is centered around your ability to live a healthy lifestyle free from pain or physical limitation. 

Bench press and manual therapy in Mammoth Lakes physical therapy


Embrace strength training for healthy living and longevity.

physical fitness and physical therapy in Mammoth Lakes


Tap into your power and return to peak performance today.
Strength traing and physical therapists in Mammoth Lakes


Repair and grow muscle for rapid recovery.

Endurance training and physical therapy recovery programs


Learn how to enhance your performance with endurance training.

Physical therapy in Mammoth Lakes through strength training and manual therapy


Your recovery begins today. Let's get you back to doing what you love. Contact me today.